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    FAVOURITE Maritime Training Institute has been setup for familiarization and training of electrical installations on shipboard for Engineers & Electrical Officers.   

      This very institute is situated at Kailash Complex, Park side, Vikroli  (west), near Hiranandani Complex, having full facilities to learn and observe various parameters of electricity with practical labs on simulator panel.

The system  is  designed  to  meet  the  requirements  of TRAINING INSTITUTE and it can Simulate the key parameters of Power Generation, Distribution And Control panel Board for the Ships.

So as to enable Trainees to gain the basic and an essential knowledge about monitoring display, control, data logging operations   and   functions   of   Main   Panel   Board  and Distribution of Power to simulate and operate practically.


1. System consist of 4 Generators
-Auxiliary Generator 2 Nos. Capacity of 500 KW
-Shaft Generator 1 No. Capacity of 500 KW
-Emergency Generator 1 No. Capacity of 300 KW

2. Display of all Generators' Parameters such as Capacity (KW), Voltage, Current, Frequency.

3. Display of all Synchronization Parameters.

4. Provides safeties for the Generator as well as Prime Mover, as follows.
(a) For Generator- 1) Circuit Breakers
2) Under Voltage Trip
3) Under Frequency Trip
4) Over Current Trip
5) Reverse Power Trip

(b) For Prime Mover- 1) Lubrication Oil Temperature High
2) Fresh Water Temperature High
3) Overspeed Trip
5. Panel shall be having separate LCD Monitor, to display various Parameters.
6.Can record all Safety Trips, which can be simulated.
7.Panel shall be having the facility to start Generators remotely from panel itself.




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