Favourite Marine Services has served a number of companies in over 4 decades and in the illustrious run has offered various services. A few are listed below :

1. Electrification & Cable layouts testing and commissioning.

2.   Erection ,   Fabrication,   Design   and   modification of control     panels   and motor control centers and + 12/0/-12 regulated  power  supply  units  for  remote  control stations.

3. Erection, Commissioning, Testing maintenance/ Over hauling of electric A/C, DC & HT/LT Motors, Generators, Transformers, General Service Pumps, Air blowers & Compressors.

4. Design, Fabrication and repairs to Generators to AVR units (Electronic Controls) as well as Electromagnetic static excitation control units.

5. Fabrication and Designing of electrical speed controls, and grid resistor units for bow thruster motors.

6. Repairs and maintenance of air and vacuum circuit breaker is our specialty complete with stringent testing as per classification.

7. Fault finding in parallel operation of generators such as overload, under voltage & reverse power relays & auto tripping systems of auxiliary engines.

8. Erection, Commissioning, Fault finding jobs on propeller pitch, steering pitch or B.T pitch controls, Aneamo meters and Boiler controls. Co2 room alarms, CPP bildge separator windlass or deck cranes, navigation lightning equipments, Generators excitation, Motor control center, Starters, Battery chargers & Emergency lights.

9. Rewinding of LT & HT large electrical motor in 'A-B', 'F' & 'H' class insulation.

10. Fabrications of shafts, impellers, pump stools, blower casings, large blower fans and pipe lines.

11. Dynamic balancing of rotating machines like air blowers, pump & turbine impellers upto the permissible accuracy limits as per IS & BS standards and measurement of vibration analysis on load.

12. Fabrication deck equipments, container positioning & hatch coaming accessories like dog bolt holders and snap lock holders.

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